Audio Door Phone Kit for 1 Floor

This audio door phone kit will help for safe and easy life. You know who person outside of the door.

When anyone come to your home and ring your bell then you can receive handset and talk with who ring the bell. After satisfaction the right person at outside and you have to open the door. Then you just need to press lock suitch to open door lock.


You don’t need to go outside. If you are in delhi and searching “audio door phone in delhi” then i can help to install your audio door phone and electronic door lock installed at your location.

How many door lock attech in this system?

You can attach 2 door lock in this system. Indoor handset have 2 lock suitching. You can operate both electronic door lock saprately.

Hivision Audio Handset

How is sound quality and bell volume?

There is a good bell sound and good quality of talking sound. You don’t need to come near about outdoor box for transfer your voice inside handset.

How many equipment in audio door phone kit?

In audio door phone with 1 floors.

  • Hivision outdoor Box with 1 bell
  • Indoor handset
  • Hivision Power supply
  • Alba Urmet Electronic door lock

In my comming video i will show you the processor of installation so for watch more detail about hivision door phone please subscribe my youtube channel

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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