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Alba Urmet M16-4C (Outdoor Box 4 Bell)

This alba urmet m16-4c model can support access card also. You can open you door lock from these card which issue with box.

Alba Urmet Electonic Door Lock @ 1750

You will gest 9 cards with outdoor box. 1 card is master card which help to add and remove more cards. You can buy more cards and can add through master card.

You can install 4 floors monitor with box and also available electronic door lock suitching also in outdoor box.

Which monitor models can support?

You can install all alba urmet indoor monitor with this box. But some of model not work properly like lock suitch not working in some old model. And some monitor have issue with connect.

Best monitor model which support?

Best model is e7c and e7cm.

If you want to know how can you install electronic door lock then you can watch video which is available in my youtube channel

You can search on google or youtube also how can install alba urmet door lock. You will get my video easily.



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