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This page help you to buy product through my website. I will show all “GW Tech Zone Products” which you can buy from my side.

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1.GSM Shuttter Siren Alarm System GW Tech Zone! Buy Now @ 3499

This is best system for single shutter. If you want buy security system for your shutter then this is best product. It will secure your premises and if any unauthorized entry then it will siren and call to your 5 mobile numbers.

जी एस एम शटर साईरन सिक्योरिटी सिस्टम में सबसे अच्छा आइटम यही है ! यह आपके शटर बंद करते ही ऑटोमेटिकली एक्टिवटे हो जाता है और अगर कोई भी चोर शटर उठाने की कोशिश करे तो 0 सेकंड में साईरन बजा देता है और आपको मोबाइल पर कॉल करके बता देता है के कोई आपकी शॉप पर गलत इरादे से आया है!

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GW Tech Zone Products range is also….

2. GSM Multishutter Siren with 1 Extender! Buy @ 4499

This is best GSM Multishutter Siren Security System for Multishutters. If you have more then 1 shutter then you can install this device.

This is compatible for 5 shutter in one site. If you want secure your premises from thief then you can install this security device in your area.

3.Shutter Siren Security System (Non GSM)! Buy @ 2150

This shutter siren security system is non gsm security system. You don’t need to insert any gsm sim card on it. This system is key operated.

You just install this system into your shutter. No need to charging. Battery life is more then year* depend how many time and how long siren ring.

4. Wireless Multi PIR/Motion + Fire Security System! Buy @ 5049

This is Best Wireless Multi Pir Security System. It will compatible with shutter extender, Magnatic sensor upto 4 sensor.

You can install very easily in your shop, home, godown and factory also. Can add 5 mobile number in your security system.

5. 4+2 CCTV WIRE For 4 Camera Operated! Buy @ 2850

6.Smart Switch Single Point (Single Node)! Buy @ 880

This is a best smart switch single node for single point. It also called single node switch. You can operate your fan, tubelight, night bulb, led point or bulb.

This switch can operate maximum 7 A. Don’t use with AC or Geyser like any high power equipments. We also have heavy duty switch also. If you want then contact with us.

7. Wifi Door Lock Supply (GW Tech Zone)! Buy @ 5579

Mobile Operated Electronic Door Lock Kit

Mobile Operated Electronic door lock.

  1. Electronic Door Lock.
  2. Wifi Based Mobile Operated PCB.
  3. Power Supply for door lock.

8. GSM Sim Based 4G Router WIFI+Lan Supported! Buy : 2550

his GSM Sim based 4g Router Support All GSM Sim Card like Jio,Airtel, Vodaphone & Idea.

You can online your dvr in very cheapest price. You can remote view any brand of dvr like Hikvision,CP Plus, Dahua and all type of cloud based dvr.

9. Audio Door Phone Kit for 1 Floor (Make-Hivision)! Buy : 5150

This audio door phone kit will help for safe and easy life. You know who person outside of the door.

When anyone come to your home and ring your bell then you can receive handset and talk with who ring the bell. After satisfaction the right person at outside and you have to open the door. Then you just need to press lock suitch to open door lock.

10.HDMI 1 In 4 Out Splitter! DVR Multi View!! Buy : 995

Best solution for 4 hdmi output is hdmi 1 in 4 out splitter. This is a solution if you want connect 4 led tv through hdmi port. You need to insert 1 hdmi input and get 4 outpur in this switch.

11. Godrej WIFI Camera ACE Cube Network Camera! Buy : 2450

Best WIFI Camera in this price range is Godrej Se

  • Material: Plastic, Color: White ; For Indoor, Outdoor Use
  • Package Contents: 1 N Camera Unit, 2 N Install Screws, 3 N Glue Plug, 4 N Position Stickers

12.DVR Weatherproof Box for 4 Channel & 8 Channel! Buy : 1195

13. Tun ON/OFF Your DVR through Mobile Phone Anywhere/Anytime

14. Cripling Tools Heavy Duty! Buy : 1800

15. By Pass Connectors 100 Pcs Quantity : 690

16. Hikvision DVR USB Wifi Adapter for Remote View/Online! @ 750

17. Wifi Electronic Door Lock with 2 Remotes for Door Open. @ 6629

18. Wireless Remote Door Lock with 4 Remotes. @ 5579

20.How to Install VGA TO HDMI EXTENDER

HD Video Capture Device Compatible with all DVR/NVR