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Hivision Indoor Handset for Audio Door Phone.

If you are looking hivision indoor handset for audio door phone then the best company i suggest you is the hivision. It support many brand outdoor box. Like alba urmet, yashicom, sunkap and many more audio door phone importer use this handset.

All setting are same like if you press bell on the outdoor box will ringing on the indoor handset. After pickup the received you can talk with the visitor who stay outsite.

There is 2 button for operate electronic door lock. It support many electronic door lock system. Like alba urmet, cp plus, secureeye, yale and mano more electronic door lock brands.

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If you are searching to outdoor box also then click herehivision audio door phone system

You can upgrade this audio door phone for 1 floor to 10 floors. If you want to more information about connection and installation then i will upload my new video soon which i show how to connect your audio door phone and how to connect wiring.

In handset 5 wire jack availalbe which color is:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black
  • White
Audio Door Phone Kit
Audio Door Phone Kit for 1 Floors

If i talk about red wire name is L1. It mean line one if you have to listen voice from outsite then L1 will work.

Green – L2 – Mean line 2 it mean insite voice comming to outdoor box.

Yellow – Ground this is the mai wire which gives nagative to system. Its also connected to power supply.

Green – Bell it will work for bell only and connected to outdoor BS wire.

Black- Lock1 If you installed lock also then black wire connected with lock point.

White- Lock2 Connected which lock 2nd lock point.

So that all are the connection which you get on indoor handset. It is very easy to use and clear voice system for talk with outsider and operate electronic lock also.



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