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Smart Suitch Single Point (Single Node)

This is a best smart switch single node for single point. It also called single node switch. You can operate your fan, tubelight, night bulb, led point or bulb.

This switch can operate maximum 7 A. Don’t use with AC or Geyser like any high power equipments. We also have heavy duty switch also. If you want then contact with us.

You can control any equipments of your home/shop applience with this smart switch single node. It is very easy to install. Any electrition can install very easyly and we have user frienkly application.

Two Way Switch.

Always you know that if your switch is ON/OFF from the application. Even when using the manual switches.

Is this switch cover any warranty?

Yes this switch cover 1 year warranty.

Is this switch support old fitting switches?

Yes if you have old fitting like cona, north ex or any brand of switches then also you can install this kit and it is support for any normal suitches. You don’t have to any required to replace your old switches.

Where to install wifi switch? Is this visible?

You can install wifi switch inside of your board/gang box. It is a small of size and not shown any wire or any switch outside of your fitting.

How to install this swtich?

I have already make video regarding this topic and i am sharing my video link in downside. You will easily understand how to install this kit in your gangbox.

There is not any dificulty to install. If you have any issue then you can contact any electrition and after watching the video he can easily install your device with any applience.

I have youtube channel also which i already uploaded more then 200 video. If you are interested to more devices like this then you can subscribe my youtube channel also.

What is home automation system?

If we talk about home automation system that you can add multiple switches in your home. We also have 4 node switches.

If you didn’t watch my last post where i show how you can operate your home/office door lock through mobile phone then you can click here to know more information.


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