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Remote Kit Electronic Door Lock with 4 Remotes

You can connect any electroni door lock with this remote kit. There is 2 types of remote you can choose any remote.

Alba Urmet Electronic Door Lock @ 1750/-

How to install remote kit with electronic lock?

You have to connect 2 wire with electronic door lock. No need to install any kind of power supply. In this price power supply also included.

If you want to see the processor of installation then you can watch the video which is avaialble in my youtbe channel.

You can select remotes like brown or white remote. Select mix remote also like if you want 3 brown remote and 1 white remote or 2 brown remote and 2 white for install at home.

Also we give you buzzer which can sound when you operate electronic door lock. Buzzer can connect with both wire which you connect with your lock.

It’s very easy to install and simple to use. If we talk about range then i can say that if you have 4 floors then remote kit will work perfectly with all floors.

This kit is made in India. I mean if any issue will come in this kit infuture then also we can help to repair. Also you can add remote in future also.


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