Rs.6,500.00 Rs.4,900.00

Alert up to 5 mobile number via SMS & Call
Disarm via SMS and Call
Hard acoustic siren
Rechargeable battery operated
Sleek design
Password protected
Low battery warning enable via SMS
Resistant to any unknown number
GSM Signal strength and balance can be known by SMS
8-10 Days standby battery backup with battery OK tested
Auto disarm featur
No false alarm
Rust free body
No Key control for high safety
Fully reliable & field proven design
Zero maintenance
Shock proof, weather proof & sturdy
Standalone unit
SMS queuing system for avoid the loss of multiple


GSM Multishutter Siren Security System!

This is best GSM Multishutter Siren Security System for Multishutters. If you have more then 1 shutter then you can install this device.

This is compatible for 5 shutter in one site. If you want secure your premises from thief then you can install this security device in your area.

How to pair both device (main unit & extender)?

You have to press battery button for 5 seconds. The device will go on programming mode. Now you have to press extender latch and release. Confirmation sound will come and device are pairing.

How to install both device in shutter?

Drill 4 hall in your shutter after check area where to install main unit and extender. Nut bold tite and system is installed.

If you want to know about single GSM Shutter Siren System.

How to activate in mobile phone?

Insert any gsm sim except jio (Airtel, Vodaphone, Idea & BSNL) in your system. Turn on the button and plugin antenna. There is 2 antenna availalbe one is small and one is big. Small antenna install gsm sim site and big antenna in other side.

After on your device just press gsm suitch for check sim is working or not ( If green light coming it mean system gsm sim working & If red light blinking after press button it mean signal not coming.)

Now check battery status. Press battery button (If red light linking it mean battery 0%  to 30% , If green light linking it mean battery strength 31% to 50% and if light blinking in orange color it mean battery strength more then 51%.

Not carry mobile phone and send sms which sim card installed in gsm multishutter main unit.

Send sms


S1- Means User one

Mobile number – Which number you want to user1.

111111 – 6 time one is system programming default password which you can change anytime.

After send massage you will revert back sms that you have successfully registered your mobile number in device. for more information i share video link from my youtube channel


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