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Shutter Siren Security System (Non GSM)

This shutter siren security system is non gsm security system. You don’t need to insert any gsm sim card on it. This system is key operated.

You just install this system into your shutter. No need to charging. Battery life is more then year* depend how many time and how long siren ring.

There is available 2 keys for activate & deactivate system. Very useful and cheapest product for secure your shop, go down or factory.

Q How to activate?

Ans. Before close your shutter you need to round key and remove it. You have to carry key with your self.

Q. How to deactivate this system?

And. After open the shutter you need to insert key and unlock your shutter siren system.

Q. How many days battery backup?

Ans. More then year battery can work but it will depend how long your hooter ringing.

Compare to GSM Shutter Siren Vs Non GSM Shutter Siren system?

There is lots of factor between both of the systems.

GSM System can intimate you by sms or calls. But non gsm only can buzzer. But main thing thief can’t stop after hooter ringing.

Lot’s of noise coming when hooter ringing.

I have already uploaded video regarding this product demo.

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  1. Manish dhaked

    Sir aapse security material purchasing ka kya process rhega

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