Digital School Broadcast System

Digital school broadcast system for School for 20 Speaker

Single Wiring Solution P2P. 

Two Way Communication Instrument

Listen Single Room, Group Rooms, All Rooms.

1. One to One Communication with Talk Back. Two way Communication. You can speak as well as listen to any selected room number without disturbing other rooms.

2. All Call and All Rooms: You can Announcement of common all rooms. All announcement audible to rooms.

3. Group Call : Group can be made of rooms. Sharing common interests like senior, junior section, Playgroup, staff Rooms i.e. user can  make 03,09,12,15,25 rooms each.

4. Selective Call:  You can select room to destination room number directly in master controller.

5. External Audio: You can play music, prayer, motivational speech external devices like mobile, computer, Pen drive etc.

6. Emergency Alarm: You can press emergency button warn to every class room with Panic siren and announcement like as earthquake, Short Circuit, Heavy rains etc.

7. Micro SD card: You can play music, player with Micro SD card. We can upload many sounds.

8. Classroom Emergency Switch:  In classroom students are fighting. If any student. Press button in classroom call number to principal room take quick emergency action.

Watch full video in my youtube channel for more information


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 20 cm


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