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Big Sanitizer Spray Machine! Sanitize Machine!

Big sanitizer spray machine can help to sanitize your home, office, factory and godown also. This is manual machine which you have to creat pressure through pump. Hand glubs When you want to use this machine then you need to insert 1 ltr camical include 10 ltr water.

Warranty availability?

No this product not cover any warranty. This is indian make product but during competition we can not give any warranty. For more information you can send me whatsapp massage.

Which liquid support this machine?

This is the best question before you have to buy this product. Maximum everyone use sodium camical which i show you in my next video. But i suggest you that you can verify by governemt law. Which government approved the liquie you can use.

We are not resposible for any mis happening. So be carefull before useing this machine.

You can spray camical in your property like home, office, factory, godown or garden also. After you can use this machine for spray water in your tree. So this machine can do multiple reasons.

For more information you can subscribe my Youtube Channel which can help you to resolve many problem related cctv camear, dvr, nvr, ip camera and many product unboxing i have done.

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