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Multi Shutter Siren System with Extender!

This is “Multi Shutter Siren” System which you can connect 5 extra extender. It mean if you have 6 shutter then you need to buy 1 main unit which called multi shtter siren system. And you can connect 5 extra extender on other shutter.

How to Configure Multishutter with extender?

If you have main unit and extender and want to configure then you junt need some steps.

  • Open main unit pannel and start the device.
  • After start device you have to wait till lights blinking is off.
  • Press battery switch long time. You will listen sound from shutter siren system.
  • Battery light will go on. Now you can press extender latch and release once.
  • Again main unit siren sound is comming.

On this processor your extender will configure. Now when main unit close then extender shutter will close system will automatically activated for both shutter.

How to charge for both device?

You have to charge only main unit not extender. Main unit will backup almost 7-10 days after full charge if network is proper comming.


Extender have inbuilt battery which life almost 1 year. You don’t need to charge battery on it. After finish battery light will close then you need to replace battery from extender.

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Which sim card supported the device?

You can use any gsm sim card except jio. Like airtel, vodafone, idea & BSNL will support. Multi shutter Siren system wont support jio sim card only.

You have to recharge your sim card as you like. System need only sms balance and talktime balance. Whet shutter close then 5 users (if you add 5 number) sms send to ever number daily.

When someone unlock alarm system then also sms go to every register number with number who disable the alarm.

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