gsm shutter siren system

GSM Shutter Siren System is based for secure your office, shop & Godown.

This system can help you to secure your premises from theft. You can add 5 mobile number in GSM Shutter Siren System.

If any invalid activity in your premises and your shutter open without your permision then system give heavy siren and also sms to your all 5 numbers.

Also you will get incoming call from your gsm shutter siren system from install simcard in their system. Within 10-15 seconds system call in your 1st added number.

If your 1st mobile number switched off/ not reachable or bussy then incoming call will divert to 2nd number and between incoming call pickud up incoming call will ringing again and again.

Gsm shutter siren system will inform you to invalid activity done in your premises. You don’t need to activate your system because when your shutter close and shutter alarm system pin touch to bottem side system will automatically activated.


I will show you all information about how you can install this system through my video.

You can also use mobile application for deactivate or all setup for your system. There is many option are available in mobile app which name is GWTech Zone. This app is not available in playstore you need to link for download mobile app.

CP Plus DVR Password Reset

I have also make mobile app video on my youtube channel. i will also show my video which i tell about how you can install app and setup all setting like-

  1. Mobile Nujber added.
  2. Deactibate your alarm.
  3. Battery Percentage.
  4. Auto Deactivate feature.
  5. Recharge reminder.
  6. Syns system

And many more feature avaialbe on app.

You can watch my video and see all feature related gsm system. And if you have any doubt then whatsapp me. I can help you for any technical issue.

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