What is Disinfectant Tunnel Sanitizer Spray Room?

Disinfectant tunnel that you can install on your property to protect yourself and your labor from the corona virus!

You can easily remove the infection from outside by applying this tunnel at your factory, office, home and Godown!

When we enter our office, factory or back home outside the house, we do not know whether we have brought the virus or not! Because outside we come in touch with so many people who may be coronated!

In such a situation, we have to take care of ourselves! Whenever we go out of the house, we go to office or wherever we go, then every time our bathing cannot be possible, then how should we end our infection, I am going to see you in your product today!

Disinfectant Tunnel Sanitizer Spray Room
Disifectant Tunnel Sanitize Spray

My last product was called Nano Mist Hand Sanitizer, which you guys liked very much, if you talk about that product, then it only beautifies hands! 

Some people say that hand wash ends all the jumps, but what about the jumps that come with us in our clothes or hair?

The Disinfectant Tunnel sanitizer sprays room our entire body and kills all the jumps or viruses. Our government also gives us a lot of advice, they say that we have to protect ourselves!

For small shop, office & Home Use
Price @ 14999/- +

The importance of hand sanitizer is different and the importance of sanitizing a full body is different! Just as the virus is spreading in India, it is our duty to take care of ourselves and our labor!

Recently, there was a discussion about the many product virus from, in which the major:

Etc.  went viral mainly! But none of these machines remove infection from the entire body! The product that I am showing you in this Disinfectant tunnel   spray it over your entire body and ends all your infection!

If you are also interested in this product and want to know more about it, then my Whatsapp number and address is given above where you can contact me!

The plan that I made during this virus period was that I could somehow work for my people in India and create something that would work for everyone! Now I have finished testing this product and am ready to sell it to you!


During this time I sold many items which I thought would help us in fighting this virus! It was my goal to make this perfect tunnel which I made 15 days before today and today I finally achieved my target!

If you are not the end customer and you also want to race it, you can discuss the dealer price with me!

I would be happy to have my dealer in every state who can sell this tunnel to the end user! And while selling it, I hope that you will have a good feeling along with the earring that this product of your India is coming to work!

Where is Available This Tunnel?

We are based on Delhi. We can install this tunnel in Delhi only if you are not from Delhi then we can send you material by transport. You can install by self.

It\s very easy to install from your side. We sent some part of tunnel and you have to join all parts. The shipping charges will be extra. So if you search that “Sanitizer Tunnel Manufacturing in Delhi” then you can contact us.

Which solution use in this tunnel? Which one is safe for body spray.

In this question we reseach for last 2-3 days. But if you want answer then i can say only that you can use solution which suggested my government. We are not manufacturer for sanitizer, Sodium Camical or any related solution.

We just deal in tunnel only. We can send you tunnel and if we talk about solution which you have to use that it’s your choice. We are not suggested or take any risk about this topic.

Sanitizer Tunnel Parts Only?

Yes if you want buy only parts of tunnel then we can also help you. You can contact us for but only spare parts of tunnel. We can send you full kit without tunnel. Like motor, nozzel, pape fitting, pump and all accessories.

I made this product in India (Delhi)! And i will upload video related this tunnel very soon. You will get notification in my youtube channel please subscribe my channel for more information.